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Functional Training

There are a variety of reasons why you might prefer to complete your workout outdoors, particularly in athletic training and even some professions. It is important that you have selected outdoor training equipment that has been specifically designed for this purpose, as it will ensure it is able to handle the additional wear and tear.

We understand that, when the weather is nice, it is more preferable to workout in the great outdoors. This is why, at Xtreme Fitness, we stock a variety of equipment that is designed specifically for outdoor training.

  • Focus on being able to explode off the line with equipment such as the Run Rocket, Gym Sled and Power Sled
  • Unconventional heavy rope training will allow you to shock muscles you wouldn't normally use increasing strength, power and endurance.
  • This sort of equipment is perfect for athletes, as it enables them to focus on moving as quickly as possible with obstacles.

We have come to the understanding that service is a big part of any purchase, and we aim to provide our clients with the best service possible. Whether you need spare parts for repairs or a hassle free warranty just in case something goes wrong, we can help you out.

Area We Service

We’re proud to offer leading brands and the highest quality functional training equipment for fitness centre fit-outs across Australia. With nationwide distribution, we’re able to service gyms around the country, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, and the Gold Coast.


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